Life as Fiction

Life teaches us so many lessons.  Some are good, some are bad, and some are hanging in the balance.  It seems that with writers, many life experiences that touch or move us in a way, channel into a story that we’re writing.  Whether it’s a glimpse, a whisper, a fragment, or a complete tell-all, it’s there.  You just have to look closely and pay attention to the words.  And if you know the writer, it’s even more special (or hurtful?) because you are able to recognize it and reflect; if not, hopefully you are still taken in by it and can relate somehow either for or against the words or situation.

In my stories, I am an open book. There are many of my own life experiences and memories and personal traits in them, the way that I remember or perceive them. Of course not everything in my stories are from truth!  I’d say that 95% is pure embellished fiction.  But that 5% really runs deep.  It opens the door if it was a bad memory put to paper as part of the story, it helps to heal that scar on your soul.  I think that is the coolest thing, and I thank storytelling for being my passion and my solace.


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