Sweet Dreams Are Made of This?

Woke up from a not-so-sweet dream this morning at 7:00am when my sweetie called to “rescue me” from it.

I was in a house, not ours, upstairs in a creepy, dilapidated bedroom/attic space in a bed but waking up.  My suitcase was on the floor and I looked over at it and noticed a creepy crawly going underneath it.  Looked like a cockroach which I cannot tolerate at all! Worst bug ever. I screamed and ran into the bathroom.  Next thing I knew I was looking up into the mirror and it felt so surreal, as if I’d just woken up to find myself there in the bathroom.  I looked over and the door had been shut, which I did not do. When I tried to open it, I found it had been locked, but I could find no lock on the door anywhere!  Panicking, I started pounding on the door and screaming.  It suddenly opened.  I was so scared, so I “got big” like they tell you to do if you’re confronted by an angry wild animal.  I put my hands up in the air over my head and made claws with them, and started roaring (haha!) and running around the house like a maniac to try to frighten away who/whatever was after me.

I suddenly found myself upstairs in the attic bed again, studying my suitcase for movement.  My husband was now in the room and I asked him how and why, because he was supposed to be away on a work project.  He told me he just wanted to sleep for a while (so typical of him — hehe).  I insisted he check the suitcase for cockroaches first and then seal it up tight, which he started to do, then made this weird hissing sound.  I told him to stop!  I asked him why he made that awful sound and he said it called to the cockroaches!?  EWW!  Then there was loud dolby-surround hissing all around us!  He said, “Do you hear that,” with huge eyes, and then ran out of the room without me.  I screamed, “WAIT!” but he was gone and I was trapped inside the room, pounding on the door and crying.

Not a good dream at all… I was glad he woke me up from it — and to open my eyes to three cats sitting on the bed and staring at me like I was the most interesting thing they’d seen in years.  I guess this is what I get for writing what I do? Or for watching horror movies alone at night.  Whatever the case, goodbye to that dream forever.  *shudder*


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