Blood Life

A little more about my debut novel: Blood Life.

Blood Life is a vampire/witch thriller full of blood, magic, love, violence, and sex. The witches and vampires of the fictional world of the Spectrum have united and created a race of half-breeds called the Combined. These are very powerful entities, but their race has been threatened by a rogue vampire with very old, powerful blood named Lokee, son of the Great Witch, Devendra. This story is about letting Fate play out, but in all its turmoil, trying to save one woman who will be the key to saving the Combined.

Can the Combined’s strongest adversary form an army to defeat them, or will the power of three keep the race on top? Centered around the lives of four integral characters, Blood Life is a fresh and unique paranormal adventure. Meet Devendra, a powerful witch descended from one of the first lineages; Lokee, her son and worst enemy; Roman, her friend and companion; and Alethea, the key to it all…

Blood Life is a full-length paranormal horror novel that will appeal to lovers of paranormal, dark fantasy, horror fiction, witches, vampires, and supernatural horror.

Note from the author: Although this book can stand on its own, when I finished writing it, I realized Devendra had a lot more to say. Writing her book now as a prequel to Blood Life. Stay tuned!

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This is an author reading of Chapter 12 from Blood Life.

The quote preceding the chapter is:

“Sleeping Lyca Lay
While the beasts of prey
Come from caverns deep
View’d the maid asleep.”

–William Blake


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