The Birthday Girl in her Birthday Suit with a Birthday Wish or three.


Little me: 1983

Today is my birthday. Yes, that’s right. I like to tell everyone because it makes the day extra special. Today I leave another lower-numbered year behind in favor of “the climb.” What are we climbing for again?  Oh, yeah, the aging process!  The normal, humanoid, earth-bound curse of getting older. DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNNN… Can’t I write in that I’m immortal?  Who’s editing my story of life over here?  Hellooooo?! Slow it down, wouldja? Geez.

No, but really, it’s okay. 38 ain’t so bad, especially when everyone gasps in dismay when you divulge such information because, “YOU DON’T LOOK A DAY PAST 28!!!”  Thanks, heh… *blush*  Sometimes they even preface with, “OMG, YOU’RE OLD!”  haha, uhhh, thanks?

It seems like just yesterday I was on the video arcade game show, Starcade (anyone remember that one with MC Geoff Edwards?), with my older brother, Cayo. We were on two shows. We won the first one and lost the second one. If you want to see a clip of our shows, go to the Starcade remembrance site and do a search on that page for my first name, Gianna.  Click on that thumbnail and you’ll get a one-page site of our shows. You’ll get a kick out of it. I was TINY and oh-so-young!  I swear that feels like yesterday to me. I still get… I want to call it fan mail but I’m not sure what it is, from people who used to watch the show to ask if I am THE GIANNA from those episodes. It’s cute.

Anywhoo… today, on the date that marks my birth for the 38th consecutive time in a row, I will make a point to tell everyone I come across that I am 38 years old, and then wait for the inevitable, “OH NO! I’D NEVER HAVE GUESSED IT! YOU DON’T LOOK A DAY PAST 2__,” to make myself feel better. All day. Yep. That’s my goal.  *giggle*

Have  great day everyone! And to all the Taureans out there: you seriously rule, bull! Keep rockin’!  xoImage