Cancer vs. Cannabis Oil – Part 3

The news isn’t good.  Not what I expected and hoped it would be at this point in the journey.

As I reported initially, after one month on hemp oil, my father’s tumors all shrunk 30%.  That was amazing and wonderful, and the prognosis felt great.  However, at that point, the chemo, which I was not successful in convincing him to cut out of the treatment protocol, hadn’t had a chance to infiltrate his system to the point of a full-scale invasion on his body.  Ask anyone and they will tell you: CHEMO IS CUMULATIVE.  Meaning, it gets stronger and works “better” after a few infusions so that it can effectively build up in your system.  Well, I believe it created a wall/barrier against the oil and stopped it from working it’s full benefit on the disease.  It still helped him in many ways, but now the tumors have all GROWN.  Not what we wanted to hear.  Not at all.  What a crush.

I knew full well the chemo was going to cause problems, but I still hoped for a miracle.  Especially after the initial report.  After all, our oncologist said outright that the chemo treatments would only prolong his life, not save it! But at what expense?!  He looks and feels a thousand percent worse than he did before starting it, and it is not doing a damn thing for him!  Everyone in the medicinal cannabis scene said: NO CHEMO – ONLY HEMP OIL!  I know.  I know!  Believe me, I know!  And I have become blue in the face trying to explain that to him (beg him not to do it and only do the hemp; to let it try to work as it’s supposed to). But you cannot convince someone who is terrified of dying and believes 110% in a doctor’s role as god that he cannot do what the doctor/god tells him to do.  My dad is afraid if he doesn’t do chemo he will die.  What he doesn’t comprehend is that if he continues on chemotherapy, he will die.  ='(  I wish he would listen.  Especially now.  I believe with all my heart that the only way he will survive is to give the oil a true, full shot at that 70% success rate.  Much higher than chemo’s success rate ever was or ever will be.

The (sort of) good news in all this is he will continue to take the hemp oil, but he will no longer be getting chemo infusions.  Instead, he is a candidate for a lighter form: a daily pill.  I’m hoping that this will be less strong, so much so that the hemp will reverse the role and take over and shrink those fuckers again.  We will see.  Only time will tell.

2 comments on “Cancer vs. Cannabis Oil – Part 3

  1. i read your bio and listened to your reading,,,way to goth for me. but that’s ok,, people have different tastes but i wish you well in your writings and much success with your books. the last time i saw you in petaluma,,,i believe you were 15.

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